The manufacturing facility is located at Tarapur, 120 Km from Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, on the western coast of India. The site is situated in an approved chemical zone and is well connected, by road and rail. The proximity to the Sea Ports and Airports supports efficient deliveries.
The entire facility operates as per Current Good Manufacturing Practice(cGMP) norms and has all the necessary infrastructure and services of a modern and multipurpose pharmaceutical plant. The versatility of the facility allows the possibility for a wide range of reaction capabilities. Each plant is adequately supported by dedicated powder processing sections.
The Quality Assurance Department ensures product quality and the compliance of all regulatory requirements. It is supported by an efficient Quality Control Laboratory following Good Laboratory Practices(GLP) and having all requisite equipments. The warehouse, engineering and maintenance departments provide the support functions.
Safety precautions are taken at every stage of production to ensure smooth handling and processing of chemicals. Environmental concerns are duly addressed and all effluents and hazardous wastes are transferred to the Common Effluent Treatment Plant(CETP) or the Mumbai Waste Management Limited(MWML) for treatment and disposal.
Our dedicated team of professionals ensures the implementation of all systems and procedures on an uninterrupted basis.